An Introduction of Sorts…

This particular screenshot is my current desktop wallpaper as of November 5, 2011. It’s clean, pretty, with an illustration created by Nabdal Abdulaff aptly named “Transparency”, which is one of the fundamental principles of the FOSS (Free, Open Source Software) movement. Of course with Linux, you can have many possibilities. You can opt for a clean, minimalist look (like I do), or your desktop can be you ultimate repository for files you just couldn’t be bothered to put into folders, or even do away with the GUI and just stick with the command line, old-school style!

My journey from being a long-time Windows patron, to a new Linux user, to where I am now, was anything but easy. I HAVE broken some stuff along the way, and forgot to keep both pieces, I have attempted to repair said stuff, only to worsen the damage enough to do another reinstall. But so far, I have never given up on Linux, and I never will.

What this blog is NOT about:

  1. A blog to convert Windows/Mac users to Linux – I may discuss about Linux here, and often compare a lot of stuff to the Windows Way (I don’t have a lot of experience with the Apple Way, so not so much comparisons there), but I believe that whatever I say in this blog, it really depends on the reader if he/she feels compelled to switch to a Linux distro of his/her choosing, or if he/she wants to stay with Windows/Mac for whatever reason.

  2. A blog for your Linux troubleshooting needs – Google and the forums of your chosen distro are the best resources for that. I describe my experiences and ways I solve problems with them, but I will not give step-by-step instructions of how to do it.

  3. Windows/Mac-bashing – Yes, I know I have my biases, and It’s hard for me to go back to Windows, but I’m not going to bash and go “Windows sucks balls” or “Apple is so much overrated hype”, or even “Linux is the holy grail for everything” because they’re all different systems for different types of people.

  4. A place for an in-depth or even a cursory review of each and every distro out there – I describe my experiences through Crunchbang Linux, since that’s the distro I have been using for the longest time. Also, the experience still depends on the user and his/her computing needs.

  5. A place for idiots – if you, as a reader, feels compelled to start fights and personal attacks against ANYONE, please leave now. I love a good, challenging debate, but I have no tolerance for bashers/fight-starters/people who don’t even use spellcheck.


One thought on “An Introduction of Sorts…

  1. Not a bad introduction and i enjoyed Part 1 as well. Saw you post up your URL from the CB Forum’s Look forward to reading more :). It’s clean and entertaining so keep it up lol.

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