The Big Switch (Part 2)

I have been curious with Linux for quite a while (even trying out Ubuntu 11.04 on a virtual machine). Maybe it was my reluctance to get out of the comforts of Windows that hindered me to make the switch for a long time. I have heard both good things (speed, security, performance, prettiness), and bad (software compatibility *le gasps*). But I only made the transition around two months ago when I finally installed a Linux OS (Ubuntu 11.04) on my hard drive. At first, I tried a dual boot of Windows and Ubuntu, and found myself using Ubuntu more than I did Windows. In fact, I have been almost exclusively using my Ubuntu install for quite a lot of stuff I do.

But as much as Ubuntu is a great distro and was my gateway to the world of the Tux, I know I can get much more out of my hardware with another distro. So I switched to a derivative of it – Linux Mint in LXDE flavor. It was when I used that made me realize how much the Desktop Environment being used makes a whole lot of difference performance-wide (hence why I shy away from KDE-based (and gradually, Gnome-based) distros and apps, and prefer XFCE, LXDE or even window manager-based ones). At this point, there are no trace of Windows install except on a Virtual Machine.

My Linux Mint desktop after customization

Then came Crunchbang Linux (or known in its short form as ā€œ#!ā€). At first, I didn’t know about it as it was not that exposed in DistroWatch or other distro-watching blogs. I was especially put off by it’s disclaimer at first.

CrunchBang Linux is not recommended for anyone needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage. CrunchBang Linux could possibly make your computer go CRUNCH! BANG! Therefore CrunchBang Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Then again, I love to break stuff, so off goes Mint, and in goes Crunchbang! Even from the installation process, I just knew right away that this is a keeper. After installing #! on my laptop, I fell in love with the combination of its slick appearance (though very dark for my tastes, but that can be changed) and just as slick performance. Not even 10 seconds after boot, I can open my web browser right away. Daemons and other services load ridiculously fast, and it only consumes 100 or so MB of RAM on startup (until I installed MPD and other stuff, it it was still under 200MB even after that, like around 170-180MB or so).

One of my older Crunchbang desktop looks

But installing is merely the beginning. One day of Linux is another set of challenges and fun times of tweaking and customizing it to what I, as a user wants it to be. All those will be the bulk of the content of this blog.


2 thoughts on “The Big Switch (Part 2)

  1. Good luck on your linux journey. I jumped off the windows wagon 3 years ago. I have no real computer or IT experience, I just got sick of the lag because my hardware was getting older but I couldnt afford a new computer. I distro hopped for a long while before settling on CrunchBang. Definitely post your customizations, as Im getting into playing with CrunchBang’s configuration.

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